Tanis Candy Innovation Centre

Tanis Candy Innovation Centre

The Tanis Candy Innovation Centre offers a high-tech test lab where Tanis works together with customers to come up with creative solutions and innovations. The centre has been an enormous success since it opened, welcoming a wide variety of confectionery producers to the facility in Made, the Netherlands. Our lab staff have an opportunity mindset and boast plenty of expert know-how when it comes to the latest industry techniques and trends. They’ll gladly share their knowledge to create the best candy together with our customers.

The Tanis Candy Innovation Centre makes it possible to develop and test your recipes using Tanis-designed and produced machines. We can use equipment from our standard set-up, but equipment can also be combined in new configurations to create new products with new flavours, compositions and shapes, tailored to your particular requirements.

The Tanis Candy Innovation Centre can also help make the start-up, commissioning and instruction process of your new plant as quick and efficient as possible. In the centre, customers can run tests with supervisors and operators to become familiar with the equipment.

With auxiliary processes such as sanding, oiling and enrobing, we can give the product that little extra; improving its appeal, making it easier to pack, increasing shelf life, etc.
With the flexibility we have incorporated in our Candy Innovation Centre, the possibilities for combinations are endless.

Challenge us to make the impossible possible!



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