T-GEL Active

T-GEL Active

An important industry trend is the addition of active ingredients to a wide range of gummy products. Added vitamins, calcium and fibres and more have gained significant traction among consumers. In reply to this interesting trend, Tanis Confectionery expanded its role as an Equipment & Process Designer, to that of a Product Designer for the candies of the future.

This evolvement is substantiated, for instance, by several changes we made to the Tanis T-Gel line. Its recent accuracy improvement is one great example of such a change. As the prices of both active and basic ingredients have risen, this higher accuracy supports our customers in limiting these expenses. Further accuracy improvements will continue to be one of our focus points in the coming years.
Another completed change is the redesign of our Tanis ABS (Additive Blending System), which is now optimally prepared to add all kinds of additives, such as calcium, fruit juices and much more. Combined with its high accuracy, this helps our customers to answer to consumers’ demands with optimal cost-efficiency.



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