Project: T-Bar complete

Project: T-Bar complete

Whatever your technical challenges, you can be sure Tanis will work with you to find a solution. Our second case study this month certainly shows that. Our customer came to us requesting a very high level of customization to achieve the confectionery capacity required. The system also had to be capable of producing both a mono product (nougat) or a double-layer product (nougat and caramel, possibly with nuts). 

Luckily for them, we love a challenge, and so we delivered a complete T-Bar line: from T-Bar kitchen to T-Bar Forming, including enrobing equipment.

The product for which this line was built is highly innovative and therefore needed a unique approach. The challenge for Tanis was to build a system that was able to produce very small products in very large quantities. On top of that the equipment had to be able to deal with a lot of different recipes, for which a high degree of system flexibility was required. 

Due to the required capacities, the complete bar-forming line was redesigned and enlarged during the engineering phase of the project. This led to a system capacity with an effective slab width of 1100mm and a cutting and enrobing width of 2200mm. The ultrasonic cutting machine is able to execute more than 80 cuts/min, slashing production speed and boosting profits.

Due to the wide range of recipes in production, we needed to deliver a complete T-Bar line of 25 skids. Managing such a complex line can be a challenge, so we defined the processing possibilities and exact product needs together with the customer in the engineering phase of the project to ensure things went as smoothly as possible. 

Mechanical installation started at the end of December 2017. The customer’s production and maintenance team was trained by the Tanis experts during the build and operational testing of the system. At the beginning of July 2018, the first products were produced to our customer’s full satisfaction and at the beginning of September 2019 the system was handed over and the customer started operating the line on their own. Products were introduced to the public and sold in the market directly afterwards. We’re happy to have met this client’s needs and delivered a challenging build with great success.

The specifications for the complete plant are:

  • Product: Mono product (nougat) and double-layer product (nougat and caramel)
  • Capacity mono product: 1400 kg/hr 
  • Capacity double layer: 1550 kg/hr double layer
  • Output : 5800 pieces/min (small pieces)

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