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Hard Caramel Candy

The ingredients are simple: sugar, glucose syrup (from wheat or corn), cream, butter, whey, salt, soy lecithin and vanillin. There are no partially hydrogenated oils in there, no filler oils. For the most part it’s sugars and dairy ingredients with a splash of salt (about 15 mg per piece). The calorie count is higher than other hard candies, because of the fat content that’s usually absent in pure sugar candy. So these have about half a gram of fat per candy and less than 25 calories each.

For the cooking of the mass, Tanis Confectionery has designed an all-stainless steel dynamic heat exchanger to keep the mass in constant motion and thereby prevent burning. The design also makes cooking under vacuum possible, again to keep the temperature as low as possible. This is a special technique, which has proven to be effective for all types of die-formed and deposited hard candy


The machinery to produce Hard Caramel Candy

  • Tanis FilmCooker C-38

    Tanis FilmCooker C-38

    High speed thin film Cooker with optimum evaporation 
    • Stainless steel cooker
    • Specially designed rotor
  • Tanis AMS I-50

    Tanis AMS I-50

    Mixing additives continuously into the mass.
    • including Injection point
    • including static mixer
  • Tanis Cooling Belt H-65

    Tanis Cooling Belt H-65

    Cooling the mass. On the Tanis Cooling Belt the mass is tempered in three sections that are separately set and controlled. The mass is deposited onto the stainless steel belt and compressed by two compression rolls.
    • Drive with variable speed
    • Scraper set to clean the belt
    • Fat applicator

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