The Production of Fondant & Creams

Consistent colour and fineness... the secret of good fondant is in the production process. The trick is processing the ingredients to a good clear supersaturated solution and then cooling it down and crystallizing it in a controlled manner.

T-Cream ingr to final prod

Machinery for the productions of fondants & creams

  • Tube In Shell Cooker C-43

    Tube In Shell Cooker C-43

    Stainless steel counterflow tube cooker
    • Stainless steel tubes
    • Insulated
  • Tanis Scraped Heat Exchanger H-68

    Tanis Scraped Heat Exchanger H-68

    cooling of product
    • Jacketed stator
    • Specially designed jacketed rotor
  • Tanis Crystallizer C-39

    Tanis Crystallizer C-39

    Cooling cooked sugar mass and agitating it unil it recrystallizes.
    • Continuous process
    • Combined cooling and beating
    • Controlled process

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