The Production of Chewy Products

Smooth, consistent ‘chewability’ and structure ... the secret of chewy candy is in the production process. The trick is in controlled heating, mixing and cooling of the ingredients and additives. The correct selection of equipment depends on the choice between the two types of chewy candy available on the market: 'C' The crystallized type which is stable in form, with a longer shelf life and adapted 'chewability'; 'T' The aerated type which is less stable in form and structure and has a lower density (more pieces per weight unit) and shorter shelf life.

T-Chew ingr to final prod

Machinery for the productions of chewy products

  • Tanis Thermosyphon Cooker C-34

    Tanis Thermosyphon Cooker C-34

    Rapid Cooking of the mass
    • Insulated cooker with steamheated coil
    • Very rapid and accurate dissolving and cooking cycle 
  • Tanis Batch Aerator A-41

    Tanis Batch Aerator A-41

    Aerating a mass by batch
    • Special design of whisk
    • Aerating under vacuum
  • Tanis Drop Roller V-77

    Tanis Drop Roller V-77

    Forming centres

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