T-Gel Automated Track System (ATS)

  • Needs less staff
  • Less circulation downtime.
  • Fewer tray damage
  • Less moulding line stops
  • Higher stacks possible (up to 70)

T-Gel automated track system (ATS)

When you are looking for spare parts for your Tanis equipment the spare parts team will help in every way they can. With their knowledge of the equipment you have in your factory they will do their utmost to get the part to your location as soon as possible. If in doubt they will send pictures of flow diagrams or parts to ensure they send the right quote for the part you want.

Tanis Confectionery has designed an automatic track sytem (ATS) to move pallets with moulding trays from the moulding line to the conditioning room/area and reversible from conditioning room/area to moulding line. The robots of the moulding line will stack the trays on a pallet to a certain height. The pallets can have three stacks with a height of 50 to 70 trays.

The track system is the newly designed track which holds 50% more load (weight of the trays).

T-Gel Moulding.pdf

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