Tanis in Control

Tanis in Control

Tanis Confectionery uses its T-Control concept on all its equipment. Regardless of whether you need an Allen Bradley or a Siemens control platform or UL or CE-certification, the T-control concept guarantees an intuitive, modular and user friendly interface to every module of your Tanis production line.

At the heart of the T-control concept is an intuitive and consistent HMI layout with standard features like detailed alarm handling, recipe handling, machine status and system settings in combination with a well-structured and documented PLC program. Remote maintenance from the Tanis Confectionery head office is available by means of a built-in VPN router.

Besides the standard features of T-Control, each module of your Tanis production line has its own detailed graphic process view on the HMI. In automatic mode, this graphic view gives you details on the status of the running process. In manual mode, this same graphic view shows you the actual status of the process equipment and lets you control it manually.

The field components in each module of your Tanis production line are wired directly to a control panel on the module’s frame. All modules are interconnected to each other by an industrial fieldbus such as Ethernet/IP or Profinet.

When centralized supervisory control, recipe management, extended reporting, extended trending or change logs are required, an additional SCADA system can be supplied to provide these features.


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