T-Gel Complete in action

T-Gel Complete in action

Last year, we received an order to deliver and commission a T-Gel Complete line for a valued customer in the USA. During a recent visit to their factory, we performed various measurements to verify that the now fully operational product line is working within parameters. This proved to be a wonderful experience where we got to see the difference our solutions make!

‘We travelled to the USA with a team of four colleagues: our Process Engineer, Site Manager, Controls Engineer and myself, as our Food Technologist. Last time I saw all the individual skids, they were ready for shipment in our production location in Oosterhout. 

Now, I was welcomed into a fully operational setting which amazed me. Their fully automated T-Gel Complete line consists of the T-Gel Kitchen, Moulding 800R-HC, Conditioning Rooms, Conditioning Tracks, Conditioning Starch and the T-Gel Finishing equipment.

Following standard protocol, we entered the factory wearing a lab coat, a hair net and hearing protection. It didn’t take long before I smelled the sweet sense of fruit. That’s when I saw the conveyor belts transporting thousands of gummy bears from the depositing machine, through the oiler and to the packaging machine.

The Candy mass is first prepared, cooked and blended in the T-Gel Kitchen, after which the gummy bears are first prepared within the  T-Gel Moulding Starch 800R-HC by a robotised process. Once they are done, they are left to cure in the T-Gel Conditioning room, after which they are ejected through the candy cleaner onto the conveyor belts. The entire process runs so smoothly and looks so clean while countless gummy bears are being processed. Amazingly, the system is operated by just two operators who manage the entire process.

Perhaps the most impressive to me was the difference with the old situation. During this trip, we also visited the second factory hall of this customer which still uses the old process. The difference could not have been bigger: operators everywhere, pallet trucks all over the place and starch all over the floor. A somewhat structured chaos that worked well for the customer for a long time, but they are incredibly happy with the successful implementation of the new T-Gel Complete line, and I could certainly see why!’

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