SWEET TEC 2017 24-25 Oct 2017

SWEET TEC 2017 24-25 Oct 2017

The ZDS Solingen organises a  congress about Sugar Confectionery and Tanis is part of the programm on Wednesday on 11:15 for a presentation with the subjes "Latest developments in mogul technology".

Sugar reduction and new sweetening trends are always a current topic, especially for confectionery products. The debate over a sugar tax in some countries of Europe has, however, given to this topic an additional boost in the last months. The SweetTec 2017 contributes to this development with a whole thematic block - in addition to the development of new sweetening trends and trends of sugar reduced products and natural sweeteners, the science behind sugar reduction will be analyzed, too.

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Amongst others, further main topics are process optimization, innovative and alternative mogul technology as well as the latest technology developments and packaging trends.

A broad framework program and demonstrations complete this year‘s SweetTec program.

Here are some of our topics:

  • Current product trends & consumer insights on the international confectionery market
  • Nutrition Trends: Health benefits of confectionery products
  • Brexit: Impact on European trademarks and designs for sweets
  • Trends in sugar-reduced products and natural sweeteners: Ingredients & production processes
  • „Sweet but innocent“ – healthier sugar designed by biotechnology
  • The key to increasing efficiency - FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) - Basics and recommendations for the use in the confectionery industry
  • Round table expert talk: „Sweeteners in focus: The future of sweetening“
  • Efficiency increase for in-house transports by the use of driverless transport vehicles (FTF / FTS)
  • Customer contaminant protection by new innovative x-ray detectable composite plastic starch trays

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