Project: T-Gel Complete

Project: T-Gel Complete

When a large multi-national producer of a multitude of different food articles needs to double their machinery’s production output, who do they turn to? Tanis, of course! 

This customer’s confectionery division has a number of large brands and exports an annually growing volume of candy, but their equipment was struggling to keep up. Tanis Confectionery was granted this project as the only supplier that could deliver a complete portfolio of equipment with such a high capacity and efficiency.

We installed a complete T-Gel 4000 line, consisting of a kitchen, moulding line, tracks and finishing equipment (oiling and sanding). The new installation has replaced equipment that was producing only 50% of this new line. Despite plenty of challenges in fitting the equipment, the complete plant was successfully installed under the supervision of a Tanis site manager and commissioned by a team of specialists in candy making, controls and robotics.

Tanis Confectionery’s main challenge was to meet the strict performance parameters that we committed ourselves to in the contract. This meant that not only every piece of equipment needs to perform as promised, but the customer’s staff also had to be trained by Tanis to be able to run and maintain the installation.

We’re happy to report that our client was delighted with the planned delivery and that we look forward to a long and productive relationship with them!

The specifications for the complete plant are:

  • Product: Jelly products made with gelatine, starch or pectin
  • Product forms: Single coloured, 2 colours side by side and centre filled
  • Maximum capacity: 4,000 kg/hr 
  • Process: Continuous
  • Operating hours: 24 hours/day, 5 days/week, 50 weeks/year

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