Inside the Service department

Inside the Service department

Tenacity & a hands-on mentality

Reliable project management does not end with delivery and installation. Our service staff know this all too well. Just like you, they hate loose ends. With their responsible, solution-oriented and practical approach they take the lead, even if the problem lies with other project parties. 

Tanis’s service staff are never satisfied until they can be of extra value to the customer. They know the company inside and out and know exactly where to find the answers to customer questions. Problems are solved quickly and not left to drag out. Our customers can count on a responsive and reliable partner, whatever problems might arise. Desired service levels are recorded and are an integral part of the Tanis team’s project-oriented approach.

At Tanis, service also means that we communicate about technical issues in a transparent and understandable manner. After all, clear and unambiguous communication is key to successful project implementation!

The Tanis service department takes responsibility for the correct, quality-oriented installation, assembly, wiring and commissioning of all equipment sold. The assistance of the customer’s mechanical engineers, the Tanis site manager, electrical engineers, software engineers and the commissioning engineer ensures that the customer can begin production within the agreed time frame.

Our service team will not rest until the installation has passed the Site Acceptance Test successfully.


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