From concept to final product

From concept to final product

As a result of changing market requirements, Tanis Confectionery changed from being a process equipment supplier into being a supplier of completely integrated systems for the production of gums and jellies. The total performance of such a production line can only be guaranteed by an integral design executed under the responsibility of one partner. Its “all in one” concept encompasses everything from handling raw materials up to finishing.

The Tanis production lines for gums and jellies consist of the following elements:

  • T-Gel Kitchen equipment for weighing, cooking, mixing, aerating and dosing of additives.
  • T-Gel Moulding equipment for the forming of gums and jellies.
  • T-Gel Conditioning Starch for drying and sieving the starch.
  • T-Gel Conditioning Rooms for drying the gums and jellies 
  • T-Gel Conditioning Tracks for automation of the pallet transport to and from the conditioning rooms
  • T-Gel Finishing for cleaning, sanding and/or oiling the gums and jellies.

The complete Tanis T-Gel lines are offered in various capacities, from a pilot plant of 100 kg/hr up to production lines of 6000 kg/hr.

Tanis Confectionery always focuses on the best possible solution for the customer’s question, objective and product. Offering the best possible solution to our customers, requires broad expertise and results in very close cooperation with our customers.

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