From caramel bars to nougat: T-Bar offers complete production solutions

From caramel bars to nougat: T-Bar offers complete production solutions

Tanis Confectionery offers a wide range of processing equipment for making all kinds of candy. We have already discussed the benefits of our T-Gel lines for customers looking to produce gums and jellies, and now it’s time to talk bars – candy bars, to be precise. With our state-of-the-art T-Bar line of processing machinery customerCuts can develop efficient and cost-effective production lines for all kinds of candy bars, from nougat and nougat/caramel to brittles, cereal bars and protein bars.

It all starts in the kitchen. Here’s where candy masses such as nougat, caramel or binder masses are created. Precise measurements of wet and dry ingredients are added, mixed and heated automatically according to your recipe. Additional ingredients such as nuts or cereals can also be incorporated to your specifications.

The next step is forming. Our range of double and single slab formers deposit layers of candy on the infeed of the cooling tunnel. These layers have a thickness of between 3 and 25mm, resulting in accurate and uniform bars of one or more layers.

After the slab has been formed, it’s time for conditioning. The slab is transported through the cooling tunnel so that the mass is thoroughly cooled and stable.

The final step is the cutting of the candy bar. A Tanis slitter, spreader and cutter can create perfectly sized candy bars. If clients require any final enrobing of the product, Tanis works together with reliable partners to provide the equipment for this.

This, in a nutshell, is the T-Bar process for candy bar making.
Tanis offers T-Bar equipment in different capacities, tailored to your needs. Equipment for slab ranges from 300mm up to 1200mm can be offered to our customers.

What’s cooking in the Tanis kitchen?

Let’s take a closer look at the various cooking equipment available in the T-Bar product lines. Tanis offers a range of different cookers, depending both on the kind of product to be produced, but also on the method of production: batch or semi continuous. The method of production can be determined by the customer’s requirements, but also depends on the capacity of the production line and the product type.

Chewy, delicious nougat with the Thermosyphon
For nougat masses the Tanis Thermosyphon Cooker is your new best friend. Boasting optimal speed and control, the Thermosyphon allows you to obtain a clear well-saturated sugar solution, the basis for all good nougat.

• Fast, efficient and accurate cooking process for quality control
• No stirrer is needed in this cooker, because of the thermosyphon effect, reducing risk of mechanical failure
• Vacuum offers quick cooling to speed up production process

Batch cookers for caramel and binder masses
Take the fuss out of caramel and other binder masses with the latest batch cookers for your T-Bar kitchen from Tanis. Our cookers are a simple, one-step solution for controlled heating of the sugar mass, followed by a programmed period of caramelisation to further develop colour and flavour. If required, the solution can be quickly cooled by vacuum after heating, to fix the dry substance and stop further caramelisation.

• Quick vacuum cooling process speeds up production
• Mess free – no risk of milk protein or pectin burning into heating coils 
• Pressurised cooking makes cooking at lower temperatures possible, reducing costs

Tanis’s complete T-Bar range can streamline all your candy bar production processes, saving you time and money. Get in touch with our customer services representatives today to find out more about any of our ranges.


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