Developments at Tanis Confectionery Australia

Developments at Tanis Confectionery Australia

A personal profile

Today we introduce our colleague Adrian J. Mrsnik, a 48-year-old industry professional who recently became our new Plant Manager at Tanis Confectionery Australia.

“After obtaining my master’s degree in Operations and finding my passion in this line of work, I further specialised in Operations Management. I possess a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and have worked in various operational roles throughout my career.

With a trade qualification as a printing technician, I’ve been involved in installing and commissioning large-scale printing machines when I was younger. After that, I went on to work in various companies as a Supervisor, Production Manager and Operations Manager.

While looking for a next step in my career, Tanis Confectionery resonated well with me. I fit within the company culture and I am impressed on how Tanis emphasises on the balance between technology and people. In my new position, I am responsible for both. In terms of machinery and processes I will seek efficiency improvements and cost reductions. At the same time, we will continue to invest in our staff with internal training, external education emphasising on continuous improvement. 
The objective of these efforts is to create an optimal collaboration between technology and people. If this leads to the very best products for our customers, efficiency through continuous improvement and pleasurable working environment within our own organisation, I will happily reflect on a job well done.”


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