CIP - Cleaning In Place

CIP - Cleaning In Place

Cleaning in Place (CIP) is automatic cleaning of the inside of the entire process line, e.g. vessels and process piping.

 The production of confectionery products can be a fully automated process. The cleaning of this process line can also become fully automated. This requires the Tanis CIP Skid and the Tanis customized CIP software.
There are 4 important parameters involved in cleaning the process line effectively:

If CIP is included in the Tanis process line, sprayballs are used to clean the vessel and the pumping system is designed to reach optimal cleaning velocity through the piping.

The Tanis CIP skid is executed with a heat exchanger to heat the CIP fluid to the optimal cleaning temperature.

The Tanis CIP skid is executed with a chemical dosing system to add the correct dosage of your specific cleaning agent.

The Tanis CIP software is executed with unique settings per object so as to optimize the total cleaning time per object.

The CIP program and number of cycles per phase can be determined on production time / pollution. For a recipe change, a Flush CIP that only involves a water rinse can be chosen. After production, a Full CIP can be executed.


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