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  • From concept to final product

    From concept to final product

    As a result of changing market requirements, Tanis Confectionery changed from being a process equipment supplier into being a supplier of completely integrated systems for the production of gums and jellies. The total performance of such a production line can only be guaranteed by an integral design executed under the responsibility of one partner. Its “all in one” concept encompasses everything from handling raw materials up to finishing.

  • CIP - Cleaning In Place

    CIP - Cleaning In Place

    Cleaning in Place (CIP) is automatic cleaning of the inside of the entire process line, e.g. vessels and process piping.

  • Tanis Confectionery Expands Into Gums & Jelly Moulding

    Tanis Confectionery Expands Into Gums & Jelly Moulding

    Oosterhout, The Netherlands, August 26 – It is time for a drastic overhaul of traditional Mogul design, according to Leo Tanis, Founder and CEO of Tanis Confectionery.
    From a long family tradition of candy confectionery craftsmanship and technical imagination Tanis Confectionery has been supplying innovative process lines for candy manufacturers around the globe.


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