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  • PACK EXPO – Las Vegas Packaging Trade Show

    PACK EXPO – Las Vegas Packaging Trade Show

    As a globally active company, Tanis Confectionery wants to be close to its customers no matter where they are located. For this reason, we will again attend various exhibitions this year. The next event where you can find us is:

    PACK EXPO – Las Vegas Packaging Trade Show

    27-29 September 2021

    Different from two years ago, the Tanis team has this year its own stand at the @Pack Expo. Our stand is located in the ‘’South Upper Hall — SU-7928’’. There is also a Bainbridge stand, who are located in the ‘’South Upper Hall — SU-7322—Confectionery Pavilion’’. For questions about us, you can also ask them. It will be our pleasure to have you over for coffee and a chat about er new corporate identity, turn key solutions or non-starch. Will you come and meet us? Ask us anything you want to know about our company. The Tanis team is very much looking forward to welcoming you at our stand! Let’s create candy together!

  • Taking the sugar out of gums and jellies

    Taking the sugar out of gums and jellies

    Rising demand for sugar-free, low sugar and no added sugar gums and jellies means many manufacturers are introducing or expanding production of this category. However, taking the sugar out of the gummy calls for more than simply removing or swapping ingredients.

    Sugar isn’t just part of the flavour profile, it also plays an integral role in consistency and stability. Absence of sugar raises the challenge of how to avoid gums and jellies becoming sticky, wet and cloudy over the duration of a reasonable shelf-life.

    Fortunately, all of this can be solved through having the right recipe and process.



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