The Tanis Team: who is who?

A family with a sweet tooth

Board of Directors

Tanis Confectionery Australia

Area Sales Managers

  • Tom Verburg

    Tom Verburg

    Area Sales Manager North America's & Asia
  • Maria Mendez

    Maria Mendez

    Area Sales Manager Middle & South America
  • Chris Siow

    Chris Siow

    Area Sales Manager APAC
  • Victor Tanis

    Victor Tanis

    Area Sales Manager
  • Jan Groeneveld

    Jan Groeneveld

    Area Sales Manager
  • Richard Blom

    Richard Blom

    Area Sales Manager

Senior Process Engineering

  • Peter van der Beek

    Peter van der Beek

    Senior Process Engineer
  • Martijn Rijnen

    Martijn Rijnen

    Senior Process Engineer
  • Maarten de Jong

    Maarten de Jong

    Senior Process Engineer
  • Mike Magielse

    Mike Magielse

    Sr. Process Engineer
  • Arne Hückelheim

    Arne Hückelheim

    Sr. Process Engineer
  • Jason Timmermans

    Jason Timmermans

    Process Engineer

Tanis Candy Innovation Centre

  • Manon Kerremans

    Manon Kerremans

    Manager Innovation Centre
  • Kasper van den Berg

    Kasper van den Berg

    Lead R&D Engineer
  • Sander Diepstraten

    Sander Diepstraten

    Process Specialist
  • Martijn Tanis

    Martijn Tanis

    Manager TCIC & R&D
  • Lonneke Voets

    Lonneke Voets

    Food technologist
  • Mikal Lefévre

    Mikal Lefévre

    Food Technologist
  • Janne van Rangelrooij

    Janne van Rangelrooij

    Food Technologist

Sales Support

  • Annemarie Niesink

    Annemarie Niesink

    Manager Sales Support
  • Anthony de Winter

    Anthony de Winter

    Sales Engineer
  • Raymond Hoed

    Raymond Hoed

    Sales Support Engineer
  • Richard Koelewijn

    Richard Koelewijn

    Internal Account Manager
  • Stefan Oomen

    Stefan Oomen

    Sales Support Officer


  • Casper Oosterwaal

    Casper Oosterwaal

    Service Manager
  • Pascal van den Bor

    Pascal van den Bor

    service coordinator
  • Pascale Raeven

    Pascale Raeven

    Service and Aftersales Assistent
  • Eric Verheijen

    Eric Verheijen

    Customer Service engineer


  • Juliette Huisman

    Juliette Huisman

    Brand & Content Marketing Officer
  • Bart Peschier

    Bart Peschier

    Marketing Manager

Spare Parts

  • Sander Heijblom

    Sander Heijblom

    Spare Parts
  • Bas van Loo

    Bas van Loo

    Spare Parts
Want to work at Tanis?

Want to work at Tanis?

Choosing to work for Tanis Confectionery means reaping the benefits of teamwork and partnership. Instead of choosing the largest company, you make a conscious choice for flexibility, creativity and beautiful craftsmanship. Because you enjoy feeling at home with a professionally run family business. Because you don’t want to be a number and you value long-lasting, pleasant business relationships.


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