Starch Conditioning equipment

It is important that that the starch moulding equipment, (Mogul and starch conditioning) is working in harmony together to achieve a product which the customer appreciates, in regards to appearance, taste and texture and will purchase again, which all relates to the above moulding equipment, which can be purchased from Tanis Austrlia.​

  • Highly efficient in moisture removal.
  • Aeration of starch during the drying and cooling process.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Compact in design.
  • Provision of uniform texture and quality during moulding and curing process.
  • System provides customer requirements from low throughput to machines with maximum throughput.
  • Provision of customised engineering advice for individual client needs.

Starch Conditioner

The starch drying/cooling system is based on the fluidised bed principle, which is a reliable and efficient starch conditioning method. The system consists of the drying chamber with top mounted dust collector and is equipped with steam coils mounted on each side of the machine. The cooling chamber is of the identical design and is equipped with a number of cooling coils mounted on each side of the machine. The fans which are mounted in-front of the dust collector will create a negative air flow through the total system on each machine.

The starch on entry into the dryer or cooler will be entering into the air stream and will be subjected to hot and cold condition. In the heating cycle the moisture in the starch will be reduced, in the cooling cycle the starch will be cooled down to a temperature where the next produced product can be deposited into.


Dust Collector

The Dust Collectors are a balanced range of highly effective units incorporating fabric filters with automatic squential reverse jet cleaning, specifically designed as a cost effective solution for most dust control problems.

Custom-designed Dust Collectors ideal for variety of different applications. All Dust Collectors are designed with explosion relief panels to international standard requirements.

Screw Conveyors

Screw Conveyors

The Screw Conveyor is a mechanism that utilizes a 3mm thick rotating helical screw blade called flighting, mounted on 50mm bore medium weight black or seamless pipe and is usually within a tube to transport powder or granular materials.  The direction of the flighting, left hand or right hand, determines the direction of rotation whether it is pushing or pulling the product inside the tube.

The screw conveyor is usually direct driven by suitable in-line reduction gearbox and motor on one end and with a bearing support on the other end.​

Rotary Valve

Rotary Valve

The Rotary Valve is a mechanism used as an airlock feeder valve at the bottom of pressurized vessels (both negative & positive) such as dust collectors, cyclones & hoppers. It is used for starch, wood dust & shavings, paper, animal feed and cereals and many other free flowing products.

The housing is fabricated in heavy 10mm thick tube and machined smooth internally. It has an internal rotating rotor with 5 blades positioned in such manner that when the feeder side is open the discharge side is close.​

The blades' tip are smooth machined leaving a very minimum clearance between the blade tip and inside of the tube housing. The rotor tube is usually driven by a suitable direct drive in-line reduction gearbox and motor on one end and with a bearing support on the other end.


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