Tanis Confectionery Australia

PUMPS and depositing hardware

Tanis Confectionery Australia  is a team of dedicated people with many years of experience in the field of Gums and Jelly depositing that take pride in delivering pumps and auxiliary equipment with the highest industry quality and performance standards.

The well-equipped Tanis Australia workshop is specialized in machining all types of materials: from the most difficult stainless steels to high grade engineering plastics, all grades of carbon and high tensile steels, cast iron, brass and bronzes and more. It has full manufacturing, assembly and test facilities.

Capabilities and scope of supply

Capabilities and scope of supply

  • T-Gel MOULDING Pumps
  • Standalone T-Gel Pumps
  • Standard and Centre in Shell Pumps
  • Pump overhaul and repair
  • Nozzles plates
  • Piston bars
  • Mould boards
  • Mould board overhaul – replacing current mould strips and mesh
  • Product development: capacity calculations and optimization of product outlay for best possible output per tray.
  • Pump performance testing – a service we provide for customers looking for Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT).
  • Pump commissioning services by experienced field technicians.
How it works

How it works

  • Tanis Confectionery Concept for Excellence: Process > Design > Manufacturing > Assembly; All in ONE Hand! 
  • TCA is built on the same grid, the guarantee for quality. 
  • Rethinking line speed, dosing accuracy and efficiency has lead Tanis Confectionery to introduce the new T-Gel moulding line for gums and jellies. To support the move into gums and jellies depositing, Tanis Confectionery Australia was established. 
  • Tanis Confectionery Australia is instrumental in incorporating the Tanis Confectionery design objectives and finishing standards such as improved depositing accuracy, longer durability till overhaul, better heating of the pump and optimal tuning of pumps and auxiliary equipment items like nozzle plates, piston bars, mould boards, and new product development 

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