The Production of Toffee & Caramels

Consistent flavour, colour and texture... the secret of good caramel is processing the ingredients to an emulsion and heating it such that its colour and flavour develop optimally. After careful emulsifying and heat treatment, the combination of sugars and (dry) milk components such as milk proteins, fat etc. give a product popular all over the world in diverse forms.

Depending on the ingredients used and the process parameters, the structure of the mass can be anything from 'sticky' toffee to very short 'fudge' and from low viscosity 'dipping' caramel to high viscosity depositing clusters. Flavour and colour are developed by the 'Maillard' reaction, where time and temperature play the leading roll. All these factors decide on the equipment Tanis Confectionery proposes to give you the product you require for your market.


Machinery for the productions of toffee & caramels

  • Tanis BatchCooker C-33

    Tanis BatchCooker C-33

    Universal cooker for confectionery masses such as caramel, chewy candy, jellies, etc.
    • 75 - 150 - 350 kg/batch
    • Complete stainless steel
  • Tanis Melter T-17D

    Tanis Melter T-17D

    Melting fat or butter
    • Low pressure steam heated melting grate
    • Chute
  • Tanis Brittle Mixer M-49

    Tanis Brittle Mixer M-49

    Mixer and Cooker for Brittle
    • Mixes continuously
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