Strawberry, sinaasappel, citroen

Fruit Dragees

Sugar, glucose syrup, fat, acid (citric acid), fruit juices (strawberry, orange, lemon) , starch, flavours, emulsifier, gloss agents (carnauba wax, beeswax ), Colours.

The premix for chewy candy is sucked into the special thermosyphon cooker by vacuum, cooked to the preset temperature followed by vacuumizing before discharging into the aerating vessel. The process is all about controlled, quick heating in order to obtain a clear, well-saturated sugar solution. The special design of the heating coil ensures a rapid, accurate dissolving / cooking cycle.

After vacuumizing, the mass in the cooker is discharged into the aerating vessel, where a predetermined amount of aerating / whipping agent is added by pump from a mixing / holding vessel and mixed into the cooked mass at low speed.


The machinery to produce Fruit Dagrees

  • Tanis Thermosyphon Cooker C-34

    Tanis Thermosyphon Cooker C-34

    Rapid Cooking of the mass
    • Insulated cooker with steamheated coil
    • Very rapid and accurate dissolving and cooking cycle 
  • Tanis Batch Aerator A-41

    Tanis Batch Aerator A-41

    Aerating a mass by batch
    • Special design of whisk
    • Aerating under vacuum
  • Tanis Drop Roller V-77

    Tanis Drop Roller V-77

    Forming centres

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