Nougat with caramel and peanuts

Chocolate Candybar with nuts

This chocolate candybar has a nougat covered with a layer of caramel with nuts. The nougat is made of aereted sugar mass with eggwhite and a fatpaste. The caramel is made form sugar, water, glucose, milk and fat. After cooking the caramel mass is mixed with the nuts.

The T-Bar product family consists of equipment suitable for making nougat mass and caramel. Tanis has also continuous mixers for mixing the pieces of nut into the caramel. Making the slab, cooling and lowering caramel and making the ropes (slits, spreads and cut) , Tanis Confectionery has adapted this in this product family.


The machinery to produce Chocolate Candy Bars

  • Tanis Peddle Mixer M-47

    Tanis Peddle Mixer M-47

    Mixing cereals with binder or nougat mass with nuts. Within the jacketed Peddle Mixer, dry ingredients can be mixed batchwise into the cooked mass. After mixing, the mixer turns over to deposit the mass.
    • Two mixing arms
    • Safety cover 
  • Tanis Double Slab Former V-81

    Tanis Double Slab Former V-81

    Forming a slab with a thickness of 3 to 25mm
    • Jacketed infeed hopper
    • 2 jacketed forming drums with variable speed
  • Tanis Cool Tunnel H-67

    Tanis Cool Tunnel H-67

    The Cooling Tunnel is an air-cooled tunnel with a PU Belt wherein a candy slab will be cooled. The slab can be a cereal or a nougat/caramel one.
    • stainless steel
    • retractable infeed
    • water cooled stainless steel bottom plates
  • Tanis Slitter S-85

    Tanis Slitter S-85

    The Slitter slits the slab into ropes. The unit has a nose bar to receive the mass from the slab forming line.
    • Extra knive configuration possible
    • Scrapers and fingers for cleaning
  • Tanis Spreader S-86

    Tanis Spreader S-86

    The spreader spreads the product ropes after slitting to prepare the product for cutting.
    • Independent ropes
    • Variable speed
  • Tanis Cutter Ultrasonic S-87U

    Tanis Cutter Ultrasonic S-87U

    The Cutter Ultrasonic is a frame with cutter blades that cut the ropes into bars.
    • Infeed belt with variable speed and tacker
    • Separation belt with variable drive
    • Lexan cover with safety switches

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