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National Confectioners Association



Founded in 1884 in Chicago by representatives of 69 confectionery manufacturing firms, the National Confectioners Association (NCA) is one of the oldest, most respected trade  associations in the world.

Over the years, the association has endeavored to provide the kind of vigorous leadership necessary for its members, which include domestic and international confectionery manufacturers and suppliers to the industry to meet the increasingly complex challenges and problems that have confronted the industry.

European Candy Kettle Club

In 1973 the idea of the Kettle Award came to Europe with the mutual agreement of Don Gussow, founder of the American Candy Kettle Association and Guy Urbain, an eminent Parisian confectioner, and a Club was formed in Europe. The European Candy Kettle Club consists of members from companies supplying ingredients and machinery to the confectionery industry as well as members of the Trade Press. The Club honours each year a company representative from the European confectionery industry who has excelled in the confectionery, chocolate and biscuit industry in research and development, innovation in product quality and production techniques and outstanding marketing and sales implementation, as well as a unique contribution to the industry's progress.


ounded in 1951, the ZDS College enjoys worldwide renown as centre  for training and personnel development for all sectors of the  confectionery industry. 

The ZDS trains and educates technical experts in the field of  confectionery technology and provides skills in food technology. It also  offers special courses to prepare for state examinations as industrial  supervisor and certified food technician.

The ZDS seminars are internationally popular. Every year,  participants from more than 30 nations attend technical conferences and  practical courses concerning every aspect of confectionery production.

The ZDS acts as consultant for companies all over the world and holds  specific corporate training courses as well as conducting analyses and  tests for member companies.

FME Association

FME is the largest organisation in the Netherlands representing employers and businesses in the technological industry. We actively protect our members’ interests nationally and internationally, provide services to individual member companies and clusters of member companies, and support 120 trade associations.


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