T-Gel MOULDING starch 800R-HC

  • Accessibility
  • Operational Heights
  • Accurate Depositing (slow speed)
  • Starch filling
  • Easier to clean due to ergonomic design (reduction starch contamination)
  • Lower total costs of operation (TCO) through energy savings and high utilization efficiencies.

Moulding Gums and Jellies masses

  • Empty and filled tray weighing system to detect mould board weight and depositing descrepancies.
  • Vision system to detect printed shape anomalies before depositing
  • Manual tray eject/infeed station
  • CIP vessels instead of hoppers

When you are looking for spare parts for your Tanis equipment the spare parts team will help in every way they can. With their knowledge of the equipment you have in your factory they will do their utmost to get the part to your location as soon as possible. If in doubt they will send pictures of flow diagrams or parts to ensure they send the right quote for the part you want.

The new approach to starch-based Gums & Jelly depositing incorporated into T-Gel Moulding is a culmination of innovative concepts resulting in increased line productivity and accuracy.
T-Gel Moulding is a strategic extension to the leading T-Gel product family.

“With this addition to our portfolio, Tanis Confectionery can now offer its customers a turn-key solution for the whole Gums & Jelly production process:

From raw materials to finished product”


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