Machinery for cooking

  • Tanis Coil Cooker C-31

    Tanis Coil Cooker C-31

    Dissolving, precooking or cooking of sugar-water-glucose slurry.
    • High Capacities
    • Simple Cleaning
    • Continuous
  • Tanis FilmCooker C-38

    Tanis FilmCooker C-38

    High speed thin film Cooker with optimum evaporation 
    • Stainless steel cooker
    • Specially designed rotor
  • Tanis Jet Cooker

    Tanis Jet Cooker

    Cooker for starch jellies 
    • High capacity
    • Easy cleaning
  • Tanis BatchCooker C-33

    Tanis BatchCooker C-33

    Universal cooker for confectionery masses such as caramel, chewy candy, jellies, etc.
    • 75 - 150 - 350 kg/batch
    • Complete stainless steel
  • Tube In Shell Cooker C-43

    Tube In Shell Cooker C-43

    Stainless steel counterflow tube cooker
    • Stainless steel tubes
    • Insulated
  • Tanis Thermosyphon Cooker C-34

    Tanis Thermosyphon Cooker C-34

    Rapid Cooking of the mass
    • Insulated cooker with steamheated coil
    • Very rapid and accurate dissolving and cooking cycle 
  • Tanis Brittle Mixer M-49

    Tanis Brittle Mixer M-49

    Mixer and Cooker for Brittle
    • Mixes continuously

Wich candy can be produced


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