• Easier maintenance on units
  • If one air-handler system goes down, then other units can take over
  • Better regulated airflow control over heating and cooling coils
  • Smaller ventilator > lower energy level with bigger rooms
  • Lower cost in spare parts

T-Gel Conditioning Room

  • Desiccant dryers

When you are looking for spare parts for your Tanis equipment the spare parts team will help in every way they can. With their knowledge of the equipment you have in your factory they will do their utmost to get the part to your location as soon as possible. If in doubt they will send pictures of flow diagrams or parts to ensure they send the right quote for the part you want.

Unique about the Tanis Conditioning rooms is the separation of the room into several 'air sections'. 
Tanis Confectionery works with multiple Air Handling Units (AHU's) instead of one large AHU on each room.

The AHU has several functions: filtering, cooling, heating,  blowing and air compression.

In the cooling department the air is cooled down by chilled air. In the heating department the air is heated up again by hot water. 
Al temperatures are automatically controlled.


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