Conditioning machines

  • Tanis Cooling Belt H-65

    Tanis Cooling Belt H-65

    Cooling the mass. On the Tanis Cooling Belt the mass is tempered in three sections that are separately set and controlled. The mass is deposited onto the stainless steel belt and compressed by two compression rolls.
    • Drive with variable speed
    • Scraper set to clean the belt
    • Fat applicator
  • Tanis Cool Tunnel H-67

    Tanis Cool Tunnel H-67

    The Cooling Tunnel is an air-cooled tunnel with a PU Belt wherein a candy slab will be cooled. The slab can be a cereal or a nougat/caramel one.
    • stainless steel
    • retractable infeed
    • water cooled stainless steel bottom plates
  • Tanis Scraped Heat Exchanger H-68

    Tanis Scraped Heat Exchanger H-68

    cooling of product
    • Jacketed stator
    • Specially designed jacketed rotor
  • Tanis Crystallizer C-39

    Tanis Crystallizer C-39

    Cooling cooked sugar mass and agitating it unil it recrystallizes.
    • Continuous process
    • Combined cooling and beating
    • Controlled process
  • T-Gel Starch Conditioning

    conditioning the starch
    • Energy Efficient
    • Triple sieve system
    • Balanced flow
    • Explosion safe
  • T-Gel Conditioning Room

    T-Gel Conditioning Room

    T-Gel Conditioning Room
    • Easier maintenance on units
    • If one air-handler system goes down, then other units can take over
    • Better regulated airflow control over heating and cooling coils
    • Smaller ventilator > lower energy level with bigger rooms
    • Lower cost in spare parts
  • T-Gel Automated Track System (ATS)

    T-Gel Automated Track System (ATS)

    T-Gel automated track system (ATS)
    • Needs less staff
    • Less circulation downtime.
    • Fewer tray damage
    • Less moulding line stops
    • Higher stacks possible (up to 70)

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