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Demonstrations of Confectionery production with Tanis equipment have always been a core activity and will remain so. It is possible to test production at preliminary table-top scale, via intermediate 8 kg batches to 100 kg/h production scale. Since virtually all Confectionery equipment, including all types of Cookers, Aerators and a Fondant Beater, are available, all combinations of machinery can be used. A complete Bar line, a small-scale Mogul Depositor and a Jelly curing room are available for further fine-tuning.

Knowledge, study & training


Knowledge, study & training

A wealth of knowledge and experience is available at the Tanis Candy Innovation Centre. The team has all-around, in-depth confectionery knowledge. By commissioning and managing multiple Factories around the Globe, expertise has been built up in Technical skills, Product and Process development, and the application of multiple Functional Ingredients and Flavours.

All of this knowledge and all of the equipment installed at the Tanis Candy Innovation Centre enable the team to determine the right ingredients for your new product.

Tanis customers also come to the centre for training. To make the start-up, commissioning and construction of the plant that you have ordered as quickly and efficiently as possible, we can run tests with supervisors and operators at the Tanis Candy Innovation Centre.

Testing & demonstrations

Tanis Equipment

Testing & demonstrations

The Tanis Candy Innovation Centre is equipped with a whole array of equipment designed and built in-house. We can use equipment from our standard programme, but equipment can also be combined into new configurations to create novel solutions for new products with new flavours, compositions and shapes.

Customers are able to book the Tanis Candy Innovation Centre for several days or even weeks to develop their concepts and recipes without disturbing their own production. Secrecy is ensured as the complete Centre is dedicated to that one customer.

Nowadays, full line testing and training is done more frequently in a separate part of the Centre. Newly developed machines or complete factory lines can be tested at the Centre before shipping. Client operators often visit to be trained in running the line.




More and more customers are using the Tanis Candy Innovation Centre for creating Innovations. The manufacturer's technical specialists and of course R&D personnel can team up with the Tanis team. Non-disclosure Agreements are often arranged.

Tanis Confectionery has a huge network in the industry. A Preferred Partner relationship with key players is established, so new trends are recognized at an early stage.

New equipment and new product concepts are constantly being developed by the Tanis Candy Innovations team.

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