The history of Tanis

Coming from a family with a sweet tooth, Leo and René Tanis were destined to follow their father's footsteps. Born, raised and educated in the sugar confectionery industry, they founded their own company in 1995. Leo and René went their separate ways, but the family history continues. In 2008 Martijn Tanis and in 2012 Victor Tanis, both sons of Leo, joined the company.

Tanis Confectionery works with a small but highly specialized team. Tanis Confectionery has grown into a global supplier of total process solutions and high-tech equipment for the confectionery market. Currently, Tanis Confectionery supplies more than 350 factories within the industry worldwide.

All equipment is designed for a specific process. Tanis Confectionery plants have been installed all over the world. Tanis has become well-known throughout the industry and is synonymous with quality and professionalism.

Experience, a sweet tooth and state of the art know-how: together they will take your business to the next level!

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  • Leo and René founded their own company

    May 1995

    Leo and René founded their own company

    In 1995 Leo and Rene started their own company in Schiedam, in an old building that used to be a distillery. The building was not in very good shape, temperature in summer and winter was an issue.

    Project 1001

    December 1995

    Project 1001

    Project 1001 was the first project for TC&C; process designers. It was a gums and jelly line with a capacity of 3.000kg/hr. Engineering and purchasing were done in Schiedam but assembling and manufacturing were done on a location in Dronten.

  • First Interpack

    May 1996

    First Interpack "1996"

    In 1996 TC&C was for the first time on the Interpack, they shared a stand together with their brother Peter Tanis of TFT. The father of Leo and Rene was also present and proud on all his sons.

  • The first big Move!

    February 1997

    The first big Move!

    After more than a year TC&C moved to the south of the Netherlands, to Raamsdonksveer. Now there was an office but also an assembly hall where equipment could be assembled and tested before it was send to the customer.

    First Leaflets

    November 1997

    First Leaflets

    The first leaflets were made when we had finished the first projects. Some differtent ones for different machines. Focus was then on the machines.

  • First interpack own stand

    May 1999

    First interpack own stand

    The first Interpack in 1996 TC&C was part of the stand of TFT but in 1999 TCT had his own stand. The bar was still for both parties.

  • 2nd Big Move!

    August 2002

    2nd Big Move!

    750m2 Factory
    700m2 Office

  • 10 Years of Round Frames

    September 2005

    10 Years of Round Frames

    using 10 years hygienic round frames.

    To be copied by our competitors is the greatest flattery

  • Advertisement campaigns

    January 2007

    Advertisement campaigns

  • Interpack 2008!

    March 2008

    Interpack 2008!

    Expansion T-Gel Family with the Conditioning Rooms and Track Systems

    March 2008

    Expansion T-Gel Family with the Conditioning Rooms and Track Systems

    June 2008

    started "The Tanis Kitchen""

  • Time for new brochures!

    January 2009

    Time for new brochures!

  • The Tanis Group become Tanis Confectionery

    April 2011

    The Tanis Group become Tanis Confectionery

  • Launch of the new Tanis Candy Innovation Centre

    August 2012

    Launch of the new Tanis Candy Innovation Centre

    250m2 Office and 600m2 test Facility

    3rd great leap, move to Oosterhout

    August 2012

    3rd great leap, move to Oosterhout

    2500m2 factory and 1200m2 office space

  • October 2013

    Supplies to more than 350 factories

    Tanis Confectionery supplies more than 350 factories within the industry worldwide.

  • Interpack 2014

    March 2014

    Interpack 2014

  • Tanis Confectionery Australia PTY LTD

    March 2015

    Tanis Confectionery Australia PTY LTD

    Building our own pumps!
    600m2 offices and production floor

    Introducing: T-Gel Moulding Starch

    August 2015

    Introducing: T-Gel Moulding Starch

    Another expansion!

    November 2015

    Another expansion!

    extended 1000m2 factory floor and 300m2 offices

    November 2015

    20th anniversary Tanis Confectionery, and Launch T-Gel Moulding Starch


  • Launch T-Gel MOULDING line

    May 2017

    Launch T-Gel MOULDING line

    At the Interpack2017 @Dusseldorf Tanis Confectionery launches its revolutionary T-Gel Moulding line. The new approach to starch based Gums & Jelly depositing incorporated in T-Gel Moulding is a culmination of innovative concepts resulting in increased line productivity and accuracy.
    T-Gel Moulding is a strategic extension of the leading T-Gel product family. “With this addition to our portfolio Tanis Confectionery can now provide our customers with a turnkey solution for the whole Gums & Jelly production process: "From raw materials to finished product".

  • Triathlon de Langstraat

    June 2019

    Triathlon de Langstraat

    Tanis Confectionery is trots dat het zich dit jaar als naamsponsor verbindt aan Triathlon de Langstraat. De naam van dit evenement zal daarom per 1 maart 2019 omgedoopt worden tot: Tanis Triathlon de Langstraat. Triathlon is een van de hardst groeiende sporten in Nederland en ook de jeugd meldt zich massaal aan bij de diverse triathlon verenigingen en evenementen in het land. Daarom heeft na ruim 20 jaar van afwezigheid TLV de Langstraat besloten “De Langstraat” Triathlon nieuw leven in te blazen.  Dit bijzondere evenement heeft plaats gevonden op zondag 2 juni 2019 rondom het clubgebouw van TLV De Langstraat aan de Drunenseweg in Waalwijk. 

  • New production Halls

    February 2020

    New production Halls

    Tanis Confectionery relocated its headquarters in 2012 as the old venue could no longer accommodate our growth. Eight years later, a further expansion has materialised. Located just fifteen minutes from our headquarters, we have recently opened a new production facility in the town of Made with two new halls of 3,000 square metres each. These new halls will be used for assembling the T-Gel MOULDING lines and building frames.

    Tanis Innovation Centre

    February 2020

    Tanis Innovation Centre

    Another change, is that we moved our Tanis Innovation Centre to an adjacent building in Oosterhout.
    This helped us to free up capacity in our primary location, but also to entirely renew our Tanis Innovation Centre. It will be equipped with a new laboratory and brand new equipment for testing, such as a lab kitchen. 

    May 2020

    Tanis Confectionery 25years

    Today it's exactly 25 years ago that Tanis Confectionery was founded.
    Congratulations TanisTeam !!! 

    Tanis Confectionery opens T-Gym

    June 2020

    Tanis Confectionery opens T-Gym

    Since 2015 Tanis Confectionery has a vitality program: T-Vitaal. Leo Tanis, CEO of Tanis Confectionery believes that stimulating and supporting the vitality of all employees is of great importance. That's why Tanis Confectionery opened his own T-GYM today! The employees of Tanis can train by themselves or with guidance on all kinds of equipment. Because today's actions are tomorrow's results!


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