Nurturing traditional knowledge and skills

Coming from a family with a sweet tooth, Leo and René Tanis were destined to follow their father's footsteps. Born, raised and educated in the sugar confectionery industry, they founded their own company in 1995. Leo and René went their separate ways, but the family history continues. In 2008 Martijn Tanis and in 2012 Victor Tanis, both sons of Leo, joined the company.

Tanis Confectionery works with a small but highly specialized team. Tanis Confectionery has grown into a global supplier of total process solutions and high-tech equipment for the confectionery market. Currently, Tanis Confectionery supplies more than 350 factories within the industry worldwide.

All equipment is designed for a specific process. Tanis Confectionery plants have been installed all over the world. Tanis has become well-known throughout the industry and is synonymous with quality and professionalism.

Experience, a sweet tooth and state of the art know-how: together they will take your business to the next level!

Tanis Confectionery Corporate

world leader in confectionery

Our mission

world leader in confectionery

The Tanis Confectionery team delivers to candy manufacturers who want to produce as efficiently and inventively as possible. Tanis supports the design and testing of their products, and is a world leader in expertise and experience in the field of producing gums & jellies, fondants and chewy candy.

Share our expertise around the globe

Our vision

Share our expertise around the globe

We believe in nurturing traditional knowledge and skills and the added value ​​of a family owned business in a global market. As the Tanis Confectionery team we want to continue to promote these values ​​and expertise in the future and share them with all our customers.

How it's made

Our process
for your success

Success means nothing less than meeting your requirements and expectations. We follow a simple but effective process to ensure a smooth transition from recipe development and process design to final commissioning of your production line.


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