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  • Finishing equipment

    Finishing equipment

    At the Prosweets 2018 exhibition in Cologne, Tanis Confectionery presents its T-Gel Finishing Equipment. Both a large Oiler and a large Sander were exhibited. These components are available in a range of capacities, varying from 500 kg/h up to 5,000 kg/h, and are part of the T-Gel processing line used to produce gums and jellies. 


  • Cleaning in Place

    Cleaning in Place

    The final recent change certainly worth mentioning, is the recently improved T-Gel line. Its CIP (Cleaning in Place) procedures were optimised, while operator interference during the CIP run was minimised. This newly developed fully automated CIP system significantly improves the cleanability of the T-Gel line.

  • T-GEL Active

    T-GEL Active

    An important industry trend is the addition of active ingredients to a wide range of gummy products. Added vitamins, calcium and fibres and more have gained significant traction among consumers. In reply to this interesting trend, Tanis Confectionery expanded its role as an Equipment & Process Designer, to that of a Product Designer for the candies of the future.

  • Tanis Confectionery Expands Into Gums & Jelly Moulding

    Tanis Confectionery Expands Into Gums & Jelly Moulding

    Oosterhout, The Netherlands, August 26 – It is time for a drastic overhaul of traditional Mogul design, according to Leo Tanis, Founder and CEO of Tanis Confectionery.
    From a long family tradition of candy confectionery craftsmanship and technical imagination Tanis Confectionery has been supplying innovative process lines for candy manufacturers around the globe.


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