The Production of Gums & Jellies

Clear, fresh, consistent flavour, colour and structure: the trick is to use the properties of all the ingredients to optimally develop the structure . The preparation and conditioning plants for Gum and Jelly masses are suitable for all hydrocolloids whether of vegetable (agar, pectin, starch, carrageenan, gum arabic) or animal (gelatin) origin.

T-Gel ingredient to final product

Machinery for the production of Gums & Jellies

  • Tanis Weigher

    Tanis Weigher

    The Tanis Weigher is a unit for the preparation of the premix. It works by weighing ingredients (liquid and dry), adding them into the vessel and mixing them. When this is done the premix will be pumped or transported by vacuum to the next stage of the process.
    The order in which the ingredients are weighed and the mixing time depend on the recipe.
    • Wet and dry ingredients dosed by weight
    • Ingredient infeed valves
    • Mixer(s)
  • Tanis Coil Cooker C-31

    Tanis Coil Cooker C-31

    Dissolving, precooking or cooking of sugar-water-glucose slurry.
    • High Capacities
    • Simple Cleaning
    • Continious
  • Tanis Jet Cooker

    Tanis Jet Cooker

    Cooker for starch jellies 
    • High capacity
    • Easy cleaning
  • Tanis Additive Blending System

    Tanis Additive Blending System

    Adding additives to the cooked mass
    • Accurate dosing
    • Different colours
    • Vitamines insert
    • Up to 6 different colours and flavours
  • T-Gel MOULDING starch 800R-HC

    T-Gel MOULDING starch 800R-HC

    Moulding Gums and Jellies masses
    • Accessibility
    • Operational Heights
    • Accurate Depositing (slow speed)
    • Coarse & Fine starch filling
    • Easier to clean due to ergonomic design (reduction starch contamination)
    • Lower total costs of operation (TCO) through energy savings and high utilization efficiencies.
  • T-Gel MOULDING starch 800G

    T-Gel MOULDING starch 800G

    The Moulding machine for the replacement market.
    • In execution with gantry robot and pallets transport under depositor, the system has the same footprint as current moguls in the market
    • lower maximum tray speed prevent to product sloshing and or shapes collapsing
    • Guaranteed high efficiency provide the same output with lower tray speeds
  • T-Gel Starch Conditioning

    conditioning the starch
    • Energy Efficient
    • Triple sieve system
    • Balanced flow
    • Explosion safe
  • T-Gel Candy Cleaner

    Cleaning Candy integrated after the Moulding
    • Cleaning with compressed air
    • Intergrated in dust collection system
    • Hygienic design without brushes
    • Easy to dissassemble for inspection and cleaninng
  • T-Gel Oiling drum

    T-Gel Oiling drum

    Oiling the candy
    • Hygienic execution
    • Reliable double drive system
    • Available for smal and big capacities
  • T-Gel Sugar Sander

    T-Gel Sugar Sander

    Sugar Sanding your candy
    • Hygienic execution
    • Reliable double drive system
    • Available for small and big capacities
  • T-Gel Conditioning Room

    T-Gel Conditioning Room

    T-Gel Conditioning Room
    • Easier handling maintenance on units
    • If one air-handler system goes doewn, than other units can take over
    • Better regulated airflow control over heating and cooling coils
    • Smaller ventilator > lower energy level with bigger rooms
    • Lower cost in spare parts
  • T-Gel Automated Track System (ATS)

    T-Gel Automated Track System (ATS)

    T-Gel automated track system (ATS)
    • Needs less staff
    • Less circulation downtime.
    • Fewer tray damage
    • Less moulding line stops
    • Higher stacks possible (up to 70)

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