The Production of Hard candy

We have the machinery to do it

Shiny, transparent, smooth and consistent flavour and colour: heating and cooling the ingredients as quickly as possible in order to keep process inversion low and colouring to a minimum is the secret of producing hard candy. A hard candy, or boiled sweet, is a candy prepared from one or more syrups boiled to a temperature of 160 °C (320 °F). After a syrup boiled to this temperature cools, it is called hard candy, since it becomes stiff and brittle as it approaches room temperature. Hard candy recipes variously call for syrups of sucrose, glucose, or fructose.

T-Rock ingr to prod

Machinery for the productions of hard candy

  • Tanis FilmCooker C-38

    Tanis FilmCooker C-38

    High speed thin film Cooker with optimum evaporation 
    • Stainless steel cooker
    • Specially designed rotor
  • Tanis AMS I-50

    Tanis AMS I-50

    Mixing additieves continuous into the mass
    • including Injection point
    • including static mixer
  • Tanis Cooling Belt H-65

    Tanis Cooling Belt H-65

    Cooling the mass
    • Drive with variable speed
    • Scraper set to clan the belt
    • Fat applicator

de t-rock essential

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