Moulding machines

  • T-Gel MOULDING starch 800R-HC

    T-Gel MOULDING starch 800R-HC

    Moulding Gums and Jellies masses
    • Accessibility
    • Operational Heights
    • Accurate Depositing (slow speed)
    • Coarse & Fine starch filling
    • Easier to clean due to ergonomic design (reduction starch contamination)
    • Lower total costs of operation (TCO) through energy savings and high utilization efficiencies.
  • T-Gel MOULDING starch 800G

    T-Gel MOULDING starch 800G

    The Moulding machine for the replacement market.
    • In execution with gantry robot and pallets transport under depositor, the system has the same footprint as current moguls in the market
    • lower maximum tray speed prevent to product sloshing and or shapes collapsing
    • Guaranteed high efficiency provide the same output with lower tray speeds

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