T-Gel Automated Track System (ATS)

  • Needs less staff
  • Less circulation downtime.
  • Fewer tray damage
  • Less moulding line stops
  • Higher stacks possible (up to 70)

T-Gel automated track system (ATS)

Tanis Confectionery has designed an automatic transport sytem (ATS) to move pallets with moulding trays from the moulding line to the conditioning room/area and reversible from conditioning room/area to moulding line. The robots of the moulding line will stack the trays on a triple pallet to a certain height. The pallets have stack heights of 50 to 70 trays.

The track system is the newly designed track which hold 50% more load (weight of the trays) and has no more dead space for the shuttle length.

T-Gel Moulding.pdf

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