Blending machines

  • Tanis AMS I-50

    Tanis AMS I-50

    Mixing additieves continuous into the mass
    • including Injection point
    • including static mixer
  • Tanis Peddle Mixer M-47

    Tanis Peddle Mixer M-47

    Mixing cereals with binder or nougat mass with nuts.
    • Two mixing arms
    • Safety cover 
  • Tanis Additive Blending System

    Tanis Additive Blending System

    Adding additives to the cooked mass
    • Accurate dosing
    • Different colours
    • Vitamines insert
    • Up to 6 different colours and flavours

How it's made

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Success means nothing less than meeting your requirements and expectations. We follow a simple but effective process to ensure a smooth transition from recipe development and process design to final commissioning of your production line.


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