The Tanis Team is looking for new teammembers

Choosing to work for Tanis Confectionery means reaping the benefits of teamwork and partnership. Instead of choosing the largest company, you make a conscious choice for flexibility, creativity and beautiful craftsmanship. Because you enjoy feeling at home with a professionally run family business. Because you don’t want to be a number and you value long-lasting, pleasant business relationships.

Tanis Confectionery is a very accessible organization with direct lines of communication. A Tanis team member will work on the product/project until it is truly finished and won’t hide behind the small print. At Tanis, ‘collaboration’ is not just an empty word. We co-create projects with our clients and gladly share our knowledge and networks with them.

The members of our team envision opportunities and love what they’re doing. They take an active interest in contributing to the development of Tanis Confectionery.

The vacancies:

- Area Sales Manager EMEAR
- Commissioning Engineer
- Controls Engineer
- Service Coordinator
- Lasser/Fitter
- Projectmanager

Unsolicited application

If there are no listed job openings at Tanis Confectionery you are welcome to send us an unsolicited application at Please note that the more specific you are with regard to a specific job or work area and your own qualifications the easier it will be to see if there is a match between your and our wishes.



A large variety of disciplines have been centralized in the Sales Support department, which forms the backbone of sales at Tanis. From Process definition, to Sales engineering, to marketing, the Sales Support department knows the ropes of the Confectionery industry of today. Every aspect of being a solid, reliable supplier to the customer, starts with a good proposal in great technical detail.



At Tanis, we communicate about technical matters in a transparent and understandable way. After all, clear and unambiguous communication on the agreed work is key to successful project implementation.



A direct and transparent approach. No nonsense: a deal is a deal. The Tanis sales force knows its customers and knows what drives them. We listen carefully to your needs. All agreements are clearly recorded, so that’s there is no chance of misunderstandings during the project. You will do business with people that you know personally, with people who highly value long-lasting relationships, just like you.


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